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Путин рассказал о своём впечатлении от прошедшей встречи с Трампом
Президент России Владимир Путин оценил прошедшую в Хельсинки встречу с американским лидером Дональдом Трампом.
Путин рассказал о позиции Трампа по Крыму
По итогам встречи с Дональдом Трампом президент России Владимир Путин заявил, что его американский коллега придерживается того, что Крым незаконно воссоединился с РФ.
Путин заявил, что у России «нет никакого компромата» на Трампа
У России нет никакого компромата на президента США Дональда Трампа, заявил российский лидер Владимир Путин в интервью Fox News.
Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories

Название:Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories
Автор:Christina Tosi
Издательство:Clarkson Potter
Размер:11 mb
Go off the clock with Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar as she bakes one-bowl treats, grills with skills, and embraces simple, nostalgic—and often savory—recipes made from supermarket ingredients.
For anyone addicted to crack pie®, compost cookies®, and cake truffles, here are their savory counterparts—such as Kimcheezits with Blue Cheese Dip, Burnt Honey–Butter Kale with Sesame Seeds, and Choose Your Own Adventure Chorizo Burgers—along with enough make-at-home sweets to satisfy a cookie-a-day habit. Join Christina and friends as they cook their way through “weaknights,” sleepovers, and late-night snack attacks to make mind-blowingly delicious meals with whatever is in the pantry.
The Bradley Smoker Cookbook: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes from Bradley Smoker’s Pro Staff

Название:The Bradley Smoker Cookbook: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes from Bradley Smoker’s Pro Staff
Автор:Lena Clayton, Steve Cylka
Издательство:Skyhorse Publishing
Размер:5,5 mb
More and more people are turning away from fast and frozen foods and moving toward increased time cooking at home, farm to table concepts, and discovering that they can cook restaurant-quality food without a culinary degree. This book takes the art of smoking, a process that can be intimidating to the beginner, and demonstrates just how accessible it is.
The Bradley Smoker Cookbook offers such recipes as:
Sesame smoked duck over soba noodles
Smoky peach cobbler
Bacon—with three different finishes
Smoked buffalo chicken potpie
And much more!
In partnership with world-renowned Bradley Smokers, which produces a range of smokers in various sizes, five of its online bloggers/pro staff will produce a cornucopia of recipes that anyone can duplicate with their own smoker—vegetables; appetizers; wild game; components that work in other stove-top, grilled, and oven-baked dishes; and a number of recipes for foods you wouldn’t normally associate with smoking.
50 Ways to Make a Meatball: The 50 Most Delicious Meatball Recipes

Название:50 Ways to Make a Meatball: The 50 Most Delicious Meatball Recipes
Автор:Julie Hatfield
Издательство:Otherworld Publishing
Размер:2,5 mb
You sit and think about the meatball you’d like to eat
Take one look inside this book to finally see
This isn’t rocket science but there’s a large variety
There must be 50 Ways to Make a Meatball
Discover the many versions of these tasty balls of meat
There are Italian, Swedish, and even Japanese
Some are big, some small, some stuffed with melted cheese
There must be 50 Ways to Make a Meatball
Now don’t go off and travel the globe for recipes
Save your money, I know that you’re intrigued
Just use this cookbook and stay home, it’s all you need
These are the 50 Ways to Make a Meatball
Dad's Book Of Awesome Recipes: From Sweet Candy Bacon to Cheesy Chicken Fingers, 100+ Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Название:Dad's Book Of Awesome Recipes: From Sweet Candy Bacon to Cheesy Chicken Fingers, 100+ Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!
Автор:Mike Adamick
Издательство:Adams Media
Размер:2 mb
It's time for serious kitchen fun!Sweet, buttery Cinnamon Raisin Fresh Toast Sticks. Crispy, crunchy Bottom-of-the-Bucket Drumsticks. Ooey-gooey Microwave S'mores. Whether your kids have been preparing their own lunches for years or are just starting out in the kitchen, Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes is your all-in-one guide to helping them create tasty meals your whole family will devour. From PB&J Bites and Veggie Rolls to Pasta alla Carbonara and Cheesy Rice–Stuffed Tomatoes, this cookbook offers step-by-step instructions for concocting a variety of yummy dishes that are perfect for snacktime, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bursting with 100+ kid-friendly recipes, each page helps you inspire your little chef to take the lead in the kitchen and make culinary creations of their own.
Complete with advice on teaching them cooking basics, Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes encourages you and your kids to unleash your creativity as you whip up tasty meals in one of the most fun rooms in the house!
Путешествие по стране Авто

Автор: Берман Лазарь Васильевич
Название: Путешествие по стороне Авто
Год: 1961
Формат: PDF
Размер: 9 Мб
Для сайта: Obovsiiom.ru

Спустя более 200 лет после посещения Гулливером Лилипутии, в ней вновь остро встает проблема конфликта с соседней местностью Блефуску. Начинается изучение исторических документов, и выясняется, что после отъезда Человек-Гора бросил изумительные машины способные бить на далекие расстояния. Паж Мэлли, задействованный в сборе информации об изумительных механизмах Куинбуса Флестрина(Гулливера), столь увлекается механикой, что это определяет его дальнейшую судьбину. Покинув свою отчизну на лодочке, он невзначай оказывается в стороне легендарных исполинов. Но те ли это самые исполины за каких Мэлли их принимает?
The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea

Название:The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea
Автор:Aaron Fisher
Издательство:Tuttle Publishing
Размер:6 mb
The Way of Tea draws upon the wisdom of ancient writings to explain how modern tea lovers can bring peace and serenity to their time with a steaming mug of their favorite beverage—and how to carry that serenity with them throughout the day.
Looking at all aspects of tea and the tea ceremony from a spiritual perspective, The Way of Tea shows readers how in the modern world the way of tea does not need to be some somber religious ceremony, but can instead be a path for anyone to experience and share inner peace, relax the ego, and be free and open—an excellent recipe for a life well lived.
Chapters include:
•The Tao of Tea
•The Veins of the Leaf
•Calm Joy
•The Tea Space
•Living Reflections on the Way of Tea
The Food of Singapore: Simple Street Food Recipes from the Lion City

Название:The Food of Singapore: Simple Street Food Recipes from the Lion City
Автор:David Wong, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, Djoko Wibisono
Издательство:Tuttle Publishing
Размер:16 mb
The Food of Singapore presents over 60 easy-to-follow recipes, with descriptions of ingredients and cooking methods, enabling you to reproduce the distinctive flavors of Singapore in your very own kitchen.
Ольга Александрова - Новогодние стихи с движениями. Узор на льду рисуем (2015)

В этой книге малыша ждут замечательные новогодние стихи, которые можно не просто слушать, но и показывать.